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G Font Clock ™

Product Design

G Font Clock is the result of synergies between a digital clock, a typographic sample collection and a sound box. It is a Typography Interactive Clock, an interactive product for multi-touch devices, created in order to be an original, functional and design application. It allows through its meditated interface, the local time display, with an aesthetic unpredictable, but at the same time It is customizable by the user. This interactive clock was designed to give visibility to all typographic families that the Google Fonts catalog offers, and therefore the information that stands out from them, such as the name of the font and the designer who created it.

G Font Clock has an invisible interface. Each digit of the clock is also a button that works independently, so with a tap on each one shows up a new font, and with a swipe up or swipe down shows up the name of the typography and its designer. A drop beside each digit allows to change font colors. If we can also change the display rate and choose sounds for each digit, for sure we will have a fully customized clock and a positive user experience. Let G Font Clock show you some fonts on the go!

This app in beta was only available on the App Store for iOS devicesin 2018, and you could download for free. The app for iWatch is under development and is expected to be launched in the mid 2020.

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